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5 Things to Consider if You Want to Stay Competitive

Whether you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or manager, you have to pay attention to the business landscape and your place in it if you want to be successful. You don’t want to get caught languishing by the side of the road as the rest of the marketplace rushes by you. It’s important to assess where you are now and how you can maintain, regain, or create a competitive edge over the crowd.

What You Need to Consider  你需要考虑的事情
1. Branding  品牌
What do you do and what sets you apart?  你是做什么的?什么会让你与众不同?
Branding is the buzzword of the day,. Though possibly overused, the concept is still an important one. Branding is far more than a memorable tag-line, catchy logo, or impressive elevator speech. The primary value of branding is in clarifying precisely what makes you different. Branding is the cornerstone of any successful marketing plan.
2. Relationships  关系
What do people care about and what needs do they have? 人们关心什么?什么是他们所需要的?
Getting to know and understand people is vital. The key is to focus on quality over quantity.Masses of social connections matter less than relationships with people who can directly influence the success or failure of the business. Current and prospective customers have the most relevant opinions and useful feedback to offer. It’s imperative to build relationships with those who can impact the future of your business。
3. Leveraging  优势
What are your areas of efficiency and areas of weakness?  什么是你的优势?什么是你的劣势?
Small businesses and entrepreneurs tend to be resource poor. It’s just the nature of not having a large cash flow at their disposal. The most successful excel at squeezing the maximum value out of available time, money, and talent. Their strategy is to do what they do best and delegate or outsource the rest.
Essentially, they know how to Do More with Less. 本质上说,他们深谙如何少花钱多办事。
They spend their time on activities that provide more value, those activities that increase revenue or help the company to grow. What they don’t do is waste their time on activities that provide little or no value.
4. Growth 发展
Where are the opportunities for growth? 发展的机遇在哪?
Complacency and stagnation are red flags that portend a grim outlook for future success. The danger lies in placing so much of our focus on completing current projects and managing small crises that we forget to be open to creative innovation. Unfortunately, this diminishes our competitive advantage in the business market .
5. Balance 平衡
What do you need? What are you neglecting? What would make you work and life more enjoyable?
Balancing priorities and the different aspects of our life is the foundation for building a successful business. Modern society is buzzing with the work-life balance conversation, but often we misconstrue the meaning of balance, or at least the real world application of the concept. It’s not about trying to allot equal portions of attention, time, and energy to the separate parts or even making one a priority over the other. It’s more about discovering that right combination and focus that can meet the ever-changing demands of work life and personal life.


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