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My heart is heavy today. I just learned of the death of one of the most influential individuals in my life, a man who changed the way I think about the world and who guided me toward my current career as a workplace author, speaker, and consultant.
That man is Stephen Covey. 
I first came across his most famous work, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, when I was researching my first book and was still struggling to succeed as a driven twenty-something in a complex business world.
Several years later, I would be thrilled to collaborate with Stephen on an article for the Wall Street JournalHe graciously wrote the forward for my third book, New Job, New You, and we then co-hosted two events to bring Stephen’s most important ideas to a new generation of professionals.  Throughout our relationship,I was in awe of Stephen’s wisdom and very grateful that he was willing to serve as a mentor to me.
Stephen was turning 80 this year and I hoped he would have many years left to contribute plentifully to the field he pioneered decades ago.  But unfortunately, it was not meant to be.   As I remember him today, I thought I’d call out some of his lifehacks :
Draw your big picture with personal mission statement 
Too often, we drift through our lives like sailboats –meandering aimlessly from one thing to another. This is how I operated for my first few years out of college –until Stephen came into my life. He taught me to be purposeful about my life and work and to think hard about what I wanted to be (character), what I wanted to do (contributions), and the values I held dear. I have adjusted my personal mission statement over the years, but I’ve never forgotten about it. It’s my compass, and it reminds me where I’m going during bad days and setbacks.
Get people to cooperate through win/win 
People don’t care what you need to do –they want to know what’s in it for them. When you don’t have direct authority over people, think about what would make them want to do what you’re asking. By devising a win/win proposition, you get what you need and the other person gets what she needs. Everyone benefits and feels good about the interaction.
Revitalize your life and work by sharpening the saw
Stephen’s concept of taking time for self-renewal in times of stress and change is of particular importance today when the business world is tougher than ever. When you work so hard that you burn out, you’re not helping anyone. Thanks to Stephen’s influence, I have tried to lead a balanced life, carving out time for my physical, mental, and spiritual pursuits so that I bring my most authentic and effective self to my work.
Thank you Stephen Covey for the difference you’ve already made and will continue to make in millions of lives.


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