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1.Lose weight
The fact that this is perennially among the most popular resolutions suggests just how difficult it is to commit to. But you can succeed if you don't expect overnight success. Use a food journal to keep track of what you eat and have a support system in place. Around week four to six...people become excuse mills. That's why it's important to have someone there on a regular basis to get you through those rough times.

2.Stay in touch
It's good for your health to reconnect with old friends (or family). Research suggests people with strong social ties live longer than those who don't. In fact, a lack of social bonds can damage your health as much as alcohol abuse and smoking, and even more than obesity and lack of exercise, a 2010 study suggests.

3.Save money
Save money by making healthy lifestyle changes. Walk or ride your bike to work, or explore carpooling. (That means more money in your pocket and less air pollution.)
Cut back on gym membership costs by exercising at home. Many fitness programs on videogame systems can also get you sweating.不要再去办健身馆的会员证了,在家里做运动也一样。有很多健身录像也同样可以帮助你运动流汗。
Take stock of what you have in the fridge and make a grocery list. Aimless supermarket shopping can lead to poor choices for your diet and wallet.

4.Cut your stress
A little pressure now and again won't kill us; in fact, short bouts of stress give us an energy boost. But if stress is chronic, it can increase your risk of—or worsen—insomnia, depression, obesity, heart disease, and more.
Long work hours, little sleep, no exercise, poor diet, and not spending time with family and friends can contribute to stress. Stress is an inevitable part of life. Relaxation, sleep, socializing, and taking vacations are all things we tell ourselves we deserve but don't allow ourselves to have.

You probably already know that a good night's rest can do wonders for your mood—and appearance. But sleep is more beneficial to your health than you might realize.
A lack of sleep has been linked to a greater risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes. And sleep is crucial for strengthening memories.
So take a nap—and don't feel guilty about it.

The joys and rewards of vacations can last long after the suitcase is put away.  But traveling allows us to tap into life as an adventure, and we can make changes in our lives without having to do anything too bold or dramatic.
It makes you feel rejuvenated and replenished. It gets you out of your typical scenery, and the effects are revitalizing. It's another form of new discovery and learning, and great for the body and the soul.

7.Go back to school
No matter how old you are, heading back to the classroom can help revamp your career, introduce you to new friends, and even boost your brainpower.
A 2007 study found that middle-age adults who had gone back to school sometime had stronger memories and verbal skills than those who did not. What's more, several studies have linked higher educational attainment to a decreased risk of Alzheimer's disease.



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