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沙律蛋皮卷  Salad Egg Rolls
冰镇凉瓜    Frappe Balsam Pear
素油杂拌    Offal with Seed Fat
麻辣牛展    Cold Beef with Chilli sauce
夜上海熏鱼  Bloated Fish of Shanghai
话梅花生    The Mix of Preserved Prune and Peanut
脆皮黄瓜    Crackling Cucumber
回味脆耳    Aftertaste Pig Ears
双椒皮蛋    Preserved Eggs with Dual Chilli
蔬菜色拉    Vegetable Salad
水晶肴肉    Salted Pork in Jelly
位上凉拌    Wei Shang Cold and Dressed with Sauce


至尊醉膏蟹       Super Drunken Crab
虾、蟹PK        Shrimp PK Crab
腐乳五花肉       Streaky pork  with Fermented Bean Curd
女儿红酱牛展     Sauteed Beef with Nu'er Hong Wine
一品炝河虾       Super Shrimp Cooked in Soy
五香扎蹄         Spiced Pig Hoof
糖醋小排         Shortribs cooked with Sweet-and-sour Sauce
豉香小黄鱼       Yellow Croaker cooked with Black Bean Sauce
兰亭熏鹅         Lanting Smoked Goose
口水鸡           Steamed Chicken with Chili Sauce
冰镇芥蓝         Iced Chinese Kale
糟香四宝         Preserved Bean Curd with Peanuts and Fungus
老醋海蜇头       Jelly Fish with Vinegar Sauce
三层蔬菜塔       Vegetables Tower


北极贝荷兰豆     North Pole Shellfish with Snow Pea
风味酱乳鸽       Stewed Pigeon with Soy
心太软           Sauteed Heart
川北凉粉         Bean Noodles in Chilli Sauce
酱香萝卜条       Sliced Radish with Sauce
野山椒凤爪       Chicken Paw with Pepper
油爆河虾         Fried Shrimp
凉拌黑木耳       Tossed Black Fungus in Sauce
宁波烤菜         Ningbo Grilled Vegetable
鸳鸯雪豆腐       Tofu with Sauce
桂花糖藕         Sliced Lotus Root with Sweet Sauce
南瓜百合         Pumpkin and Lily Bulb


驰名卤水拼盘    Famous Marinated Meat Combination
金桂轩一品鸡    Super Chicken of Laurel Bistro
蜜汁叉烧肉      Honey-Stewed BBQ Pork
澳门烤腩肉      Braised Tenderloin (Pork) of Macao
特式烧味双拼    Special Semidetached Barbecue
鸿运大拼盘      Good Luck Cold Platter
飘香琵琶鸭      Poached Pipa Duck
金牌全体乳猪    Gold Medal Roast Suckling Pig


卤水大肠     Marinated Pork Intestines
卤水豆腐     Marinated Tofu
卤水鹅翼     Marinated Goose Wings
卤水鸡蛋     Marinated Eggs
卤水鸭掌     Marinated Duck's web
卤水猪舌     Spiced Pig's Tongue
卤水五花肉   Marinated Streaky Pork
卤水金钱肚   Marinated Pork Tripe
深井烤鹅     Deep Shaft Roasted Goose


味淋花螺拼红花蟹Sea Whelks Piece Together Spotted Sea Crab with Gravy
汕头冻红花蟹     Refrigerant Spotted Sea Crab of Shan Tou
味淋深海花螺     Blue Water Whelks with Gravy
三文鱼刺身       Salmon Sashimi
北极贝刺身       Scallops Sashimi
富士雪刺身       Fuji Snow Sashimi
雪域樱花鲜鲍(冻鲍)Fresh Abalone of the snow Cherry Blossoms( freezing abalone)


红烧海虎翅   Teriyaki Supreme Shark’s Fin
天九翅       Tian Jiu Shark’s Fin
金钩翅       Gold Hook Shark’s Fin


蚝皇澳洲鲜鲍叁头     Three-head Australian abalone
蚝皇澳洲鲜鲍肆头     Four-head Australian abalone
蚝皇澳洲鲜鲍贰头     Two-head Australian abalone


一品红烧血燕       Super Braised Bird's Nest
冰花炖官燕         Braised Bird's Nest with Rock Candy
冰糖炖血燕         Braised Bird's Nest with White Fungus
翠湖蟹皇官燕       Braised Bird's Nest with Green Lake Crab
木瓜炖雪蛤         Braised Chinese Forest Frog with Papaya
木瓜炖官燕         Braised Bird’s Nest with Papaya


石斛鲜肉炖飞鸽     Braised Pigeon with Fresh Meat
冬虫夏草炖水鸭     Braised Duck with Chinese caterpillar fungus
如意四宝羹         Ruyi soup
竹笙瑶柱海皇羹     Boiled Mixed Seafood with Bamboo Fungus
金钱菇仔排汤       Spareribs Soup with Mushroom
香茜皮蛋鱼片汤     Fish Soup with Coriander and Preserved Egg
青榄炖响螺         Braised Spiral Shell with Olive
南北杏肉汁炖鹧鸽   Braised Pigeon with Apricot Flesh Sauce
虫草花鲜肉炖水鸭   Stewed Duck with Aweto in Clay Pot
花膠炖水鸭         Braised Fish Maw with Duck


鲍汁扣辽参        Sea Cucumber with Abalone Sauce
菜胆烧肉海参煲    Meat and Vegetable with Sea Cucumber
葱烤大乌参        Boiled Black Ginseng with Shrimp
明珠海参牛筋烧    Sea Cucumber with Jelly Beef
翡翠海参爆凤球    Stewed Sea Cucumber with Meatball
鲍汁花膠扣鹅掌    Braised Fish Maw with Goose Webs and Abalone Sauce


金丝香芒三文鱼卷   Spun Gold Salmon Roll with Mango
椒汁芥味IP牛仔排  IP Baby Steak with Peppercorn Sauce and Mustard
酸果玫瑰鱼排       Fish Steak with Tart Fruit and Rose
坚果法国鹅肝烧     French Goose Liver with Nuts
燕麦芝士龙虾仔     Baby Lobster with Oats and Cheese


澳洲龙虾(刺身/芝士牛油焗/椒盐)时价Australian Lobster(Sashimi/ in Chicken Consommé / Fried with Spicy Salt) Current Price
象拔蚌 时价    Panopea Abrupta      Current Price
(刺身、煲粥、XO酱爆) (Sashimi/ Congee in Casserole/ Quick-Fried with XO Sauce)
澳洲鲍 时价    Australian Abalone     Current Price
(冰镇、堂灼、碧绿扒)     (Iced/ Boiled/ Braised)
膏蟹   时价    Green Crab           Current Price
(鸡油蒸、姜葱炒、粉丝焗)(Steamed with Chicken Stock/ Braised in Ginger and Onion/Baked with Bean Vermicelli)
斑节虾 时价    Camaron             Current Price
(白灼、椒盐、蒜蓉开边蒸)(Scalding/ Spicy Salt/ Steamed with Chopped Garlic)
大连鲍 时价    Abalone of Dalian       Current Price
(清蒸、鼓汁)             (Steamed/ Black Bean Sauce)
龙虾仔 时价    Little Lobster          Current Price
(蒜蓉开边蒸、燕麦莳萝焗)    (Steamed with Chopped Garlic、baked by oats and radish)
海红斑 时价    Red-spotted Grouper    Current Price
(清蒸、鼓油蒸)           (Steamed/ Black Bean Sauce)
红花蟹 时价    Spotted Sea Crab        Current Price
(清蒸、姜葱炒、避风塘炒)(Steamed /Stir-Fried with Ginger and Scallion/ Be-for-Time Style)


乌头鱼       Goby
(明炉、冷食、豆酱姜葱蒸) (Steamed Water Goby with Plum Sauce/Cold Eat/Steamed with Soybean Paste)
老鼠斑       High-finned Grouper
(清蒸/炒球)  (Steamed/ Fried Ball)
清蒸东星斑   Steamed Spotted Garoupa
(特价)     (Special Offer)
笋壳鱼       Marble Goble
(清蒸、油浸、滚汤)(Steamed/ Oil Immersion/ boiling water)
多宝鱼       Turbot
(清蒸、半煎煮)(Steamed/ Half-seared)
扇贝王       Scallop
(蒜蓉粉丝蒸、鼓汁粉丝蒸)(Steamed with Chopped Garlic and Bean Vermicelli /Steamed with Black Bean Sauce and Bean Vermicelli)
苏眉          So-mei Fish
(清蒸、炒球、堂灼)(Steamed/ Fried Ball/ Boiled)
富贵虾        Oratosquilla
(白灼、椒盐、咖喱膏焗、芝士牛油焗)(Scalding/ Spicy Salt/ Braised with Curry/ Braised with Butter and Cheese)
深海花螺      Blue Water Whelks
(白灼、辣酒煮、冰镇口味、酱爆炒)(Scalding/ Boiled with Chili in Liquor/ Iced/ Quick-Fried)
台湾草虾      Shrimp of Taiwan
(白灼、椒盐、鼓油皇焗)(Scalding/ Spicy Salt/ Baked with Black Bean Sauce)


XO金盏鲍鱼粒      Grains of Abalone with XO in the Gold Tray
火龙果鲜虾球        Dragon Fruit with Shrimp Balls
七彩夏威夷果        Colorful Hawaiian Fruits
生炒自制鱼松        Fried Homemade Shredded Fish
金沙茄子盒          Gold Fried Eggplant with Meat Stuffing
鲜核桃百合炒松子    Fried Pine Nuts with Walnut Seeds and Lily Bulbs
好味酱烧花枝蜜豆    Fried Catchup with Flowering Branch and Sweetened Kidney Beans
鸡汁胜瓜水晶球      Braised Sweet Gourd Ball with chicken soup
鲜虾青瓜烙          Baked Green Cucumber with Shrimps
潮州四宝            Four Treasures of Chaozhou


酱烧珍菌牛柳         Braised Mushrooms and Beef Filet in Brown Sauce
粤港小炒皇           Cantonese Collection of Vegetables Cooked with Cashews and Shrimp
XO酱脆瓜螺片        Fried Sliced Sea Whelks and Pickled Cucumber in XO Sauce
港式脆香凉瓜         Bitter Melon of Hong Kong
银巢素丁             Silver Lair and Diced Vegetables
香炸山水豆腐         Fried Shanshui Tofu
野山菌煮双宝         Braised Two Treasures with Mushrooms
虾干青瓜煮鱼肚       Boiled Fish Maw with Dried Shrimps and Green Cucumber
手打肉饼配豆腐       Manual Meat Pie with Tofu
绚丽炒果蔬           Colored fried Fruits and vegetables
金瓜拌明珠           Gold Melon Mixed with Bright Pearls


金桂轩极品煲        Super Casserole of Laurel Bistro
鲜露手工肥牛        Manual Beef with Fresh Syrup
香菠美国牛仔粒      The American Grains of Baby Beef with Pineapple
紫萝咕咾鸡          Fried Chicken with Violets
京式鸡软骨          Beijing Cartilages of Chicken
泰国红咖喱牛腩筋    Thailand Beef Brisket with Red Curry
翡翠凤凰卷           Phoenix Rolls like Emerald
元贝荷香鸡           Lotus Leaves Chicken with Scallops
黑椒牛仔骨           Black Pepper Short Rib
黑椒牛仔粒           Steak Cubes In Black Pepper Sauce
鲜果牛仔排           Fresh Fruit Baby Steak 
泰国咖喱焗肉蟹       Thailand Baked Hardshell Crab with Curry


一品粉丝焗膏蟹   Super Braised Crab with Bean Noodles
生啫鱼头皇   Super Braised Fish-head
生啫走地鸡   Super Braised Chicken
黑木耳烧汁凤球   Stewed Chiken Ball with Black Fungus
瑶香珍菌煲   Braised Fungus with Fungus
海皇鱼肚煲  Super Braised Fish Maw
日本豆腐烧茄子  Sauteed Japan Tofu with Eggplant
锅煮龙江豆腐  Braised Long’jiang Tofu
金桂小炒乌骨鸡   Jin’gui Sauteed Black Boned Chicken
椰香茨宝荔芋煲  Braised Taro with Coconut


生炒野生河虾仁  Sauteed Shrimp
外婆红烧肉  Wai’po Braised Pork
八宝辣酱   Ba’bao Chili Sauce
毛蟹炒年糕  Sauteed Rice Cake with Crab
素蟹粉   Minced Crab Meat
鲜人参烧仔鸡   Braised Ginseng with Little Chicken
马桥香干  Ma’Qiao Dry Sliced Tofu
酒香醉鲥鱼   Shad Steamed by Wine


腊味干炒杏鲍菇   Sauteed Abalone Mushroom
干锅地木耳   Sauteed Fungus in Clay Pot
暖窝腐乳肉   Stewed Pork with Preserved Bean Curd
特色鱼面筋   Special Fish Gluten
干锅茶树菇   Mushroom in Clay Pot
川府毛血旺   Si’chuan Blood Curd
回锅肉   Sauteed Sliced Pork
小炒湘江鸭  Xiang’jiang Sauteed Duck
沸腾鱼片  Braised Spicy Fish


姜汁方鱼炒芥蓝   Sauteed Fish with Chinese Kale
豆豉鲮鱼油麦菜   Sauteed Fish with Green Lettuce and Black Bean Sauce
豆豉炒凉瓜   Sauteed Bitter Gourd with Black Bean Sauce
清炒时令蔬   Sauteed Current Vegetables
上汤芦笋   Braised Asparagus
虫草花竹笙浸高山菜   Braised Chinese Caterpillar Fungus with Vegetables
白灼芥蓝  Sauteed Chinese Kale
上汤浸时蔬   Braised Current Vegetables
生炒广东菜心  Sauteed Guang’dong Vegetables


芋丝炸春卷   Fried Spring rolls
弄堂生煎包   Nong’tang Pan-Fried Bun Stuffed with Pork
潮州蒸粉果   Chao’zhou Chinese Cake
泰国木瓜酥   Thailand Papaya Cake
萝卜千层酥   Chinese Radish Cake
蜜汁餐包   Steamed Buns with Sugar Stuffing
金牌叉烧酥   Jin’pai Cake
鲜虾笋果    Chinese Shrimp Cake
菠萝包   Pineapple Bun
酥皮蛋挞   Super Egg Tart
水晶蔬菜饺   Vegetable Dumpling


养颜清甜汤   Sweet Soup
葱油捞面    Boiled Noodles Strained and then Seasoned
豉油皇炒面  Fried Noodles
一品炒饭    Super Fried Rice
芥蓝菜脯炒饭   Fried Rice with Chinese Kale
干炒牛肉河粉   Dry-fried Rice Noodle and Sliced Beef
雪菜肉丝汤面   Noodle Soup with Shredded Pork and Potherb Mustard
荠菜馄饨   Shepherd's Purse Wonton
龟苓膏    Chinese herb jelly
酒酿丸子   Dumplings in Soup with Sweet Wine Sauce
椰汁西米露   Sweet Sago Cream with Coconut Milk
杨枝甘露   Chilled Mango Sago Cream with Pomelo
咸鱼鸡料炒饭  Fried Rice with Fish
潮州炒面   Chao’zhou Fried Noodles
软滑红枣糕   Red Date Cake


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