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1. quite, rather
quite完全地,相当于completely, rather修饰比较级 quite impossible

2. happy, glad
happy高兴,幸福,定表均可,glad高兴,只能做表语 a happy girl

3. instead, instead of
instead是副词,放在句首或句末,instead of是介词短语,放在句中He didn't see a film. Instead he watched TV. He watched TV instead of seeing a film.

4. too much, much too
too much 后接不可数名词,much too后接形容词 much too heavy

5. be about to, be going to, be to do
be about to表最近的将来,后面不接时间状语,be going to 侧重打算,想法,be to do侧重意志,计划,安排I'm to meet him.(含双方事先约好的意思)

6. raise, rise
raise及物动词,rise不及物动词 The sun rises in the east.

7. bring, take, carry, fetch
bring拿来,take带走,carry随身携带,fetch去回这一往返动作 fetch a box of chalk

8. spend, take, pay, cost
spend人做主语,花钱,花时间; spend…on sth./in doing sth; take物做主语,花时间; pay人做主语,花钱,pay for; cost物做主语,花钱

9. join, join in, take part in
join加入某个组织,并成为其中的一员;join in参加小型的活动, join sb. in;take part in 参加大型的活动 He joined the army five years ago.

10. learn, study
learn学习,侧重学习的结果,study学习,侧重学习的过程,研究study the problem

11. want, hope, wish
want打算,想要,want to do, want sb. to do, hope希望(通常可以实现),hope to do/ hope that… wish希望(通常不能实现)wish (sb.) to do, wish sb/sth. + n. I wish you success.

12. discover, invent, find out
discover发现本来存在但不为人所知的东西,invent发明本来不存在的物体,find out发现,查明 At last he found out the truth.

13. answer, reply
answer及物动词,reply不及物动词,后接 to reply to the letter

14. leave, leave for
leave离开,leave for前往 He left Beijing for Shanghai.

15. rob, steal
rob抢劫 rob sb. of sth.,steal偷 steal sth. from sb.

16. shoot, shoot at
shoot射死,shoot at瞄准,但不一定射中 He shot the bird and it died.

17. drop, fall
drop及物不及物均可,fall不及物动词 Prices fell/dropped. He dropped his voice.

18. search, search for
search后接地点,search for后接东西 He searched his pocket for money.

19. used to, be used to
used to过去常常,be used to习惯于,后接sth./doing sth.;被用来,后接 do sth. He is used to getting up early.

20. win, lose, beat
win后接sth.,反义词为lose, beat后接sb. win the game, beat them

21. live on, live by
live on以…为主食,live by靠…谋生 live on fish/ live by fishing

22. beat, hit, strike
beat连续性地击打;hit打中,对准打;strike打一下或若干下 beat the wings

23. meet, meet with
meet遇到,meet with体验到,遭遇到 meet with an accident

24. lose, miss
lose失去(具体的物体),错过 sth. is lost, lose the chance;miss 想念,错过sth. is missing, miss the chance

25. be tired of, be tired with/from
be tired of厌烦…,be tired with/from因为…而累了 be tired with/from running 800 meters

26. care about, care for
care about关心,计较,在乎,一般多用于否定句中;care for关心,照料,喜欢,愿意 He doesn't care about his clothes. I don't care for movies.

27. catch a cold, have a cold
catch a cold不能和表示"一段时间"的状语连用,而have a cold可以She has had a cold for a week.

28. change for, change into
change for调换成,change into变成 Change the shirt for a bigger one. Water changes into ice.

29. continue, last
二者均为持续,continue主动,被动均可,last只能用主动 The war continued/lasted five years. The story is to be continued.

30. feed, raise
feed喂养,养活,饲养 (to give food to), raise饲养,养育 (cause to grow, bring up children) raise the family



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