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Albert Einstein once said, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”Now that the new year has come and gone and the season for goal-setting has come and gone too, let’s take some time to track our progress. There’s no time like the present to tackle your ambitions head-on by changing things up.

1. Rely on an accountability partner. This could be a peer, friend or spouse, but colleagues or mentors tend to work best with work-related goals. For instance, if you want to learn C++, create goals, write it down and most importantly, tell your peer partner. Check in with each other every other week and be sure to get her or him to commit to his or her own goals as well.
1. 依靠负责任的小伙伴。可以是同行、朋友或配偶,但同事或导师对与工作相关的目标效果最好。比方说,如果你想学C++,定好目标并把它写下来,最重要的是,告诉同行的小伙伴。每隔一周互查一下,一定要让她或他也为自己的目标努力奋斗。

2. Reconnect with one dormant contact every month. Adam Grant, Wharton professor and best-selling author of "Give and Take," explains: “Research shows that the people you used to know are more helpful sources of advice than the people you know right now. Your former colleague and your college roommate have been learning new things and meeting different people in the past few years, so they can open up access to novel ideas and opportunities.”
2. 每月联系一个不熟的人。沃顿商学院教授和畅销书《给予和获得》的作者亚当•格兰特解释道:“研究显示,和现在认识的人相比,曾经认识的人是更有用的资源。你的前同事和大学室友在过去几年里学了新东西,结识了不同的人,这样他们能为你得到新想法和机会打开通路。”

3. Do more five-minute favors. Grant says: “Many of us hold back on helping others because we can’t be Mother Teresa or Gandhi, but the reality is that many acts of generosity can be done in five minutes or less. As entrepreneur Adam Rifkin points out, meaningful five-minute favors include an introduction between two people who could benefit from knowing each other and a note to acknowledge and appreciate someone whose work normally goes unrecognized.”
3. 多帮助别人。格兰特说:“许多人不愿意帮助别人,因为觉得自己不是特蕾莎修女或甘地那种人,但事实是,许多善举可以在五分钟或更少的时间里完成。创业家亚当•里夫金指出,有意义的小帮助包括介绍能互惠的两个人认识,承认和欣赏那些工作不被注意到的人。”

4. Write about leaders with which you want to be affiliated. If you have a blog to build your personal brand, you don’t need to only center it on yourself. Advice? Write about or interview people who you admire. This can build your relationship with them by exposing them to your audience and highlighting the amazing work they do.
4. 写你想跟哪个领导做事。如果你有博客,不必只以自己为中心。有什么好的建议?写写或见见你钦佩的人。通过把他们介绍给粉丝以及强调他们做的事可以建立起你和他们的关系。

5. Take an online class. “Learn about something new that excites you or resurrect an old interest and find a course online,” says Sunil Sani, co-founder of CareerGlider, a site marrying career paths with schools and curricula to meet career goals.
5. 参加网络课程。“了解那些让你开心的东西或者重拾以前的爱好,报一个网络课程。”CareerGlider网站的创始人苏尼尔•萨尼说,它把职业道路和学校课程结合起来以实现目标。

6. Create a timeline associated with your goals. Although it’s one thing to write a list of goals, it’s another to add a timeline to them. Sani says: “Sometimes writing out your plan puts it into perspective and by creating a timeline, your goals become more attainable and you hold yourself accountable to achieving those goals.”
6. 创建和目标相关的时间表。写下一串目标是一回事,定好完成它们的时间是另一回事。萨尼说:“写出计划有时只是让你注意到它,创建时间表让你的目标更容易达成,你也会用心实现这些目标。”

7. After a job interview, send a handwritten note instead of an email. Sani says: “This may take a few days longer but it lets your interviewer know that you care and while everyone else is just clicking 'reply,' you're taking the time to write a personalized note.”
7. 面试后,手写感谢信而不是用电子邮件发。萨尼说:“这样面试官会晚几天时间收到,但它可以让面试官知道你很重视,当其他人只是点击“回复邮件”时,你花时间认真写了回信。”

8. Add personality to your résumé by including hobbies and interests. Here’s why: Companies want to know more about you than just your work history. These things will make you stand out, plus they serve as talking points during the interview. Besides, people want to hire someone they can see themselves chatting with at the water cooler.
8. 把爱好和兴趣写到简历中增加个人特色。理由是这样的:公司想知道更多你自己的内容而不只是工作经历。这些事情会让你脱颖而出,它们也会是面试时的亮点。此外,人们想雇佣的是那些在办公室能聊得起来的人。

9. Get more involved with your industry. This speaks volumes about your dedication to your career. Whether you join industry associations or create a blog on Tumblr about your industry, it shows potential employers that you care about advancing your career and want to have a voice within your industry.
9. 更融入你的行业。这能说明你很敬业。不管是加入行业协会还是在Tumblr上注册博客了解行业,都会告诉潜在雇主,你关心自己职业生涯的发展,希望能在行业中成为有分量的权威。

10. Learn a new skill. If you’re looking to advance within your current company, you can find a skill gap within your company and become the resident expert on that topic. Showing that you are proactive by educating yourself on a new or changing business trend is a quality that all employers value.
10. 学习一项新技能。如果你想在目前的公司有发展,可以找找公司里的技能空缺,并成为这方面专家。积极自学新的或有挑战性的业务是所有雇主都看重的品质。


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