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童话英文短剧本:灰姑娘和眼睛蛇cinderella and the glass sneaker
  Cinderella and the Glass Sneaker
  Welcome to The land of Make Believe. Perhaps I should tell you this fine town. There are a lot of funny-looking people in the Land of Make Believe, some people have long noses, some people have short arms but once upon a time a girl named Cinderella was the funniest.
  Scene 1 Cinderella: (Cinderella enters. She has enormous feet. She practices a ballet dance. She is a bad dancer.) I have such enormous feet. I look like a seaplane. I will never be a dancer. I always lose at hopscotch (she tries to hopscotch but falls down), and I have to buy a sock for every toe (She
  holds up her socks). I hate my feet. (The 2 Stepsisters enter. They are dancing. They are good dancers)
  Stepsister 1: HA HA It's
  Stepsister 1&2: Cinderella BIGFOOT!
  Stepsister 2: Are you still trying to be a ballet dancer like us
  Stepsister 1: With those feet you look more like a clown than a dancer.
  Stepsister 1: Cinderella, bring me my coat! (Cinderella brings her coat. Her feet are so big that she trips.)
  Stepsister 2: Cinderella, I am thirsty bring me some water. (Cinderella brings her water; she trips and spills the water. The two stepsisters laugh!!!) You are so clumsy! (They exit)
  Cinderella: (Crying) It's not fair . Why do I have to have these terrible feet Why can't I be beautiful and graceful like my stupid stepsisters!
  Mother: (Enters carrying an enormous shoe) Cinderella! You left you shoe in the middle of the street. I have told you many times You cannot go around barefoot. Your shoe nearly caused a traffic accident.
  Cinderella: But Mother those shoes don't fit my feet. They hurt! I want to wear sneakers!
  Mother: Nonsense. You are a young woman. And young women do not wear sneakers! These used to be your sister's shoes.
  Cinderella: But they are too small!
  Mother: You should be happy that she gave them to you after I bought her a new pair.
  Stepsister 1: (The two stepsisters rush in holding an invitation. They are excited) Whew! What is that smell
  Stepsister 2: It's Cinderella again! (Both sisters hold their noses)
  Stepsister 1: I almost forgot, the ball is today
  Stepsister2: (Interrupting) In the Kings Palace!
  Stepsister 1: We will meet the prince! Have you ever seen his nose It looks like a skyscraper.
  Stepsister 2: Well he may not be handsome.
  Stepsister 1 &2: but he is rich! (They laugh together)
  Cinderella: I heard that the prince can smell a pizza from a mile away.
  Mother: Let me look at that. (She grabs the invitation) Oh my goodness. It is today. We have a lot of work to do. Cinderella will help you get ready.
 Cinderella: But, why can't I go to the ball I want to dance.
  Mother: What with those feet You have trouble enough walking. You might kill someone while you are dancing. It is not safe. Now girls please get ready. (Mother exits)
  Stepsister 1: Hurry Cinderella Where is my dress
  Stepsister 2: And my dress Bring me my shoes !
  Cinderella: Yes Yes (She runs around while the stepsisters order her around she has difficulty keeping her balance) It is not a difficult task. Your dresses are here!
  Stepsister 1: Be careful Cinderella.
  Stepsister 2: Your BIG feet are stepping on our dresses! (Cinderella dresses the 2 girls)
  Mother: Now are you ready girls Let's go!
  Stepsister 1: This is going to be so much fun!
  Stepsister 2: We shall dance all night! (They exit)
  Scene 2 Cinderella: (Looks depressed) Uhhhhh . Now what should I do. I can't dance I can barely even walk. I wish my feet would disappear (She places a blanket over her feet and she starts to cry. Fairy appears)
  Fairy: Why are you crying dear child Please don't cry!
  Cinderella: I cannot go to the Prince's ball.
  Fairy: But why not You are not that ugly. Stand up.
Cinderella: No.
  Fairy: Please stand up. I want to help you. (Cinderella stands. The Fairy is shocked by her feet) Oh My God!
  Cinderella: (Starts to cry again)
  Fairy: Oh, Don't cry my dear. I want to help you.
  Cinderella: But I don't have an invitation.
  Fairy: Well I can solve that! Zip Zap Zoo (She waves her magic wand and Cinderella is suddenly wearing a beautiful dress)
  Cinderella: It's beautiful (She is very happy she looks down at her feet and becomes upset) But what about these
  Fairy: Hmmmm I don't think that I have any shoes that big wait a moment (She waves her wand and giant sneakers appear)
  Cinderella: Sneakers made of glass! (She does a quick dance and falls down) Oops Now, how will I get to the ball I don't have a carriage.
  Fairy: Of course (She waves her wand and nothing happens. She tries again and still nothing appears) Ahhh Take the bus. (She hands Cinderella some change)
  Cinderella: Thank you fairy godmother.
  Fairy: One more thing. You must be home before midnight.
  Cinderella: Sure, sure, bye (They exit)
  Scene 3 Stepsister 1: Who is that funny looking girl
  Stepsister 2: She looks so familiar. (She approached Cinderella) Do we know each other
  Cinderella: (Becomes very nervous. She looks away and changes her voice) Ah, no I don't think so. Please excuse me I have to go.
  Stepsister 1: What a strange girl
  Prince: (Suddenly the prince, who has been standing alone picking his large nose, approaches the stepsisters) Wow what a beautiful girl. Who is she (The sisters shrug their shoulders. The Prince walks to Cinderella) Hello sexy (He smells her.) You smell great! Wanna dance
  Cinderella: I would love to!
  Prince: Ouch you stepped on my foot!
  Cinderella: (The prince can barely walk) Maybe we better sit down for a moment. (Just then the clock strikes 12.) Oh my I've got to go!
  Prince: But who are you (The prince shouts as he rubs his feet. Cinderella runs away. But she leaves behind one giant glass sneaker. He picks it up and smells it) I am going to find that girl!
  Scene 4 Stepsister 1: (The two girls are doing their make-up as they look in the mirror, Cinderella is painting her toenails eavesdropping on their conversation) Have you heard the news Remember that strange looking girl at the ball
Stepsister 2: Yes 
  Stepsister 1: Well the prince wants to marry her, but he doesn't know who she is.
  Stepsister 2: Then how can he marry her
  Stepsister 1: Well she left her shoe behind.
  Stepsister 2: So the Prince will marry whatever woman the shoe fits (Suddenly there is a knock at the door. It is the Prince. The girls bow as they meet him. Cinderella of course falls down because of her feet.)
  Prince: (He walks in the room and gives a gigantic sniff.) Please ladies sit down. (He smells each of their feet before he tries to put the shoe on their foot. Cinderella watches from the corner)
  Stepsister 1: It fits!
Prince: Not quite.
  Stepsister 2: It's mine!
  Prince: Too big! (He puts his nose in the air and stats to smell. He sniffs all the way over to Cinderella's feet)
  Stepsister 1: But she wasn't at the ball
  Stepsister 2: Yeah she wasn't at the ball
  Prince: Please! (She slips it on)
  Stepsister 1&2: It fits!
  Prince: Will you marry me
  Cinderella: Only if you will marry me.
  Prince: I will (He leans in a tries to give Cinderella a kiss, but his nose is too big. Finally he kisses her hand)
  THE END ------------------


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