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关键词: 追求女孩的8个准则,宅男必备的8个成功追求女孩的技巧-中英文对照



  Although interacting with girls seems like an intimidating endeavor to many guys, adhering to certain principles allows it to be a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved。



  1. Be yourself. 做你自己。

  It's important to maintain self confidence by being yourself around girls. If you adopt an alternate personality to attract girls, you will eventually be weighed down with the feeling that your true self isn't good enough. It may help to develop and improve your social skills, but any girls that don't appreciate you for who you are don't deserve your attention。网站建设


  2. Respect all girls equally. 平等地尊重每个女生。

  You stand a much better chance of making a good overall impression if you treat girls that don't interest you just as nicely as those that do. This doesn't mean that you need to talk to or flirt with every girl, but don't ignore them or treat them dismissively. Don't talk to a girl about other girls' attractiveness; it's distasteful and can degrade the girl's opinion of herself. You generally shouldn't talk about past relationships you've had, or other girls that interest you; it detracts from building a new relationship。


  3. Make eye contact. 眉目传情。

  Many girls like it when you can't take your eyes off them, but not when you're staring at their boobs. Although there are some girls that may enjoy such attention, you won't offend anyone by focusing on her face instead. Do not ogle her. Just remember to use discretion and show proper respect。


  4. Make them feel special. 让她们感到很特别。

  Girls like it when you're forward but not in a creepy way. Smile at her in a way that's clear, friendly, and/or playful. If you feel compelled to honesty, you can offer a sincere compliment. For example, you could say "Did anyone ever tell you that you have a beautiful smile?" Eyes are another good one--they're not the easiest thing to notice, and it shows you were looking at her face. Select something good that is reserved for her only; it will make her feel wonderfully special, admired, and beautiful。


  5. Be a gentleman. 做一个绅士。

  Girls love guys that are polite and courteous. It's just a matter of doing simple things like holding doors open for them and being respectful in other ways. Some claim chivalry is dead, but if you believe that, then you're going to have some problems getting a girl's interest。


  6. Make her laugh. 逗她开心。

  Being funny is one of the most attractive qualities a guy can have, and if you're not "handsome", a girl will usually overlook that! If you're not goofy but you have a very dry, sarcastic sense of humor, use that. Just watch your timing and try not to be too goofy, or you may make a fool of yourself. It's okay to tease her a little, but generally not about her appearance。


  7. Notice when you're having a conversation and she seems uncomfortable, change the subject. 注意碰到女生不喜欢的话题时,要转换话题。

  Watch her movements, if she's shifting her weight a lot and not making eye contact, chances are she's uncomfortable。


  8. Recognize that physical contact should be limited by the state of your relationship. 肢体接触的范围应依当前所处的关系而定。

  *Acquaintances--A handshake when introducing yourself is probably a reasonable limit for a first meeting. You can also subtly brush your hand against her hand or arm。


  *Casual Friends or Prospective Dates--You could try something like touching her hair or playfully poking her in the side and asking if she is ticklish. This is generally considered flirting, and if a girl doesn't appreciate your advances, it's best to apologize and refrain from making similar contact。


  *Good Friends--It is generally acceptable to give friendly hugs to girls that you know fairly well, even if you aren't a couple. Just be sensitive to the girl's feelings about it; pressuring her to hug you will make her uncomfortable。


  *Boyfriend/Girlfriend--When you've grown closer, you can hold her hand or wrap your arm around her shoulders or waist when you're walking together. With her consent, you can also kiss her。


  Tips 友情提示:

  Be the same around her and your friends。

  Never use the words "sexy" unless it's in a joking fashion。

  Don't ever tell her that she looks bad。

  Don't panic if you do something embarrassing. A lot of girls find that really cute。


  Do not make sexist jokes。

  Don't focus too much on one girl if she isn't enjoying the extra attention. She may get annoyed, and it will likely hurt your relationship。

  Get to know her friends and be friends with them. This will show her that you're nice and friendly。









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