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We're all victims of occasional bouts of self-doubt, even themost successful, charismatic, confident among us have theirmoments of insecurity. Self-confidence can be a very delicateand complex thing. A few are born with it; others learn it earlyon and the rest of us have to learn to build it on our own.



Our confidence plays an important role in ability to achieve success and happiness. It affects ourmental thought patterns, the way we speak, the way we act, and the decisions we make in allareas of our lives – career, money, relationships, and even our health. Confident people take moreaction, perform better, and are more likely to attain their goals. In addition, confident people alsoknow how to take more enjoyment from their accomplishments are happier in general.


Lucky for us, confidence can be built and strengthened until it becomes natural, just as any otherhabit. It simply takes a little time, some effort, and a bit of attention.


1. Fail More Often.更多的失败。

The more challenges you take on, the more failures you’ll have, but learning that you can recover, get up and push forward builds confidence.


2. Track your accomplishments.记录你的成就。

Keep a list of successes, big and small. It’ll help you to see your abilities in a more positive (andrealistic) light.


3. Don’t compare.不要和别人比较。

Stop measuring yourself against others. What you see isn’t always real. Making comparisons is adamaging and an inaccurate measure of success anyway.


4. Dress for confidence.人靠衣装马靠鞍。

How we dress affects both how we feel about ourselves and the way others perceive us. Expensiveclothes aren’t necessary. Put emphasis on good fit, good condition, and appropriateness. Don’t beafraid of some color; black is professional, but color gets noticed.


5. Work on your posture.良好的姿态。

People with lower confidence often tend to have poor posture. Stand up, sit up, and keep yourhead up. It’s an instant confidence booster.


6. Learn.学习。

The more knowledge you acquire, the more confident you will be. Knowledge is power, and themore powerful you feel, the higher your confidence will be.


7. Fitness.健身。

Better physical condition and appearance gives you more body confidence, and as a bonus, theextra endorphins give you an added energy boost.


8. Start a conversation.主动和别人攀谈。

When you find yourself in a social situation, instead of gravitating to those people you’recomfortable with, start a conversation with someone you don’t know very well. Eventually gettingto know new people will become easier.


9. Have miniature goals.小目标和大成功。

Bite sized goals are easier and quicker to achieve and the momentum can give you a boost whenattacking bigger goals.


10. Raise your hand.毛遂自荐。

Volunteer to take on tasks or projects that are a stretch for you. You’ll learn you can do morethan you thought you could and so will others.


11. Be around confident people.和自信的人在一起。

Cultivate relationships with “can-do” people; attitude is contagious. On the other hand, avoid “can’t do” people. It works both ways.


12. Be your own friend.做自己的朋友。

When you hear that voice in your head, abusing, attacking and belittling you, remind yourself thata friend wouldn’t talk to you in that manner.


13. Rely on your instincts.相信自己的直觉。

When you trust your intuition, and listen to those gut feelings, you’ll become more confident inthe knowledge that you do know what’s right for you.


14. Keep practicing.不断实践。

Practice the skills you need to succeed. The more you practice, the more confident you become. This is true of every type of skill.


Confidence helps you to be more secure in your abilities and more positive in your attitude. It alsoencourages you to be more assertive to take on more challenges, and to improve your skills. As anadded benefit, you’ll attract like-minded people. The end result is a better outlook, more success, and a higher quality of life in all areas.
















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