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About Products

Brief Introduction

商品的质量是对外贸易中价格的基础,所有的交易和谈判都是在商品本身质地的基础上进行的。那也是为什么越来越多的公司希望通过 ISO国际质量体系认证。有了质量保证,买方才会放心,企业也才会有更大的发展。

Basic Expressions

1. We’ve received the sample that you sent us last Sunday.
2. We’ve got here our sales samples Type One and Type Two.
3. Our quality is based solely on our sales samples.
4. We sell goods as per the sales sample, not the quality of any previous supplies.
5. You know we sell our tea according to our samples.
6. You can’t see the difference between these grades.
7. These two grades are very much in demand.
8. We are in urgent need of these two grades.
9. The color of the shipment is much darker than that of your previous consignment.
10. No doubt you’ve received the rejected samples of the inferior quality goods.
11. I must advise you of the specifications of the goods.
12. Have you received the specifications as shown in our catalog?
13. The quality is all right, but the style is a bit outdated.
14. We found the goods didn’t agree with the original patterns.
15. The Double Fish brand is not so bad. The design is fresh and vivid.
16. The new varieties have very vivid designs and beautiful colors. 新产品图案新颖、色泽鲜艳。
17. The difference in quality is no more than usual and indeed unavoidable in this line of goods.
18. They were carefully examined and picked only this morning.
19. This kind of high-powered battery is produced with the latest technology.
20. Stainless products are always popular because they’re rustproof.

Dialogue 1

A: I can promise you that, if you buy our product, you will be getting quality.
B: I’ve looked at your units, and I am very happy with them. Your goods are all far above standard quality.
A: We spend a lot of money to make sure that our quality is much better. We don’t sacrifice quality for quick profits.
B: Well, we’re really interested in placing an order under negotiation. We can start the negotiations as soon as you want.
A: That’s great. I’m glad we’ll be able to do business together. I’ll have some quotes ready for you by tomorrow morning.
B: Fine. Also, would you mind if I asked to see a surveyor’s report of your products? I may have a few more questions about your quality analysis.

-- 我可以向你保证,如果你买了我们的产品,你会得到好品质。
-- 我看过你们的单件,我很满意。你们的商品质量高过标准质量。
-- 我们投入了大量的资金来确保质量一流。我们不会为了即期利润而 有损质量。
-- 是的,我方真的很愿意谈判后就订货。你们想谈判的话我们随时都 可以。
-- 那最好不过了。我很高兴我们能在一起做生意。到明天早晨我方将 为您准备好一些报价单。
-- 很好。还有,您不介意我要求看一下你方产品的检查报告吧,对 你们的质量分析我可能还有一些问题。

Dialogue 2

A: I’m interested in all kinds of your products, but this time I would like to order some fireworks and mosquito coil incense. Please quote us C.I.F. Rangoon.
B: Please let us know the quantity required so that we can work out the premium and freight charges.
A: I’m going to place a trial order for 1,000 units of a dozen fireworks and 500 cartons of mosquito coil incense.
B: All right. Here are our F.O.B. price lists. All the prices are subject to our final conf.mp3ation.
A: Your price is reasonable but I wonder if you would give us a discount. You know for the products like yours we usually get 2% or 3% discount from European suppliers.
B: We usually offer on a net basis only. Many of our clients have been doing very well on this quoted price.

-- 我对你们所有的产品都感兴趣,但这次我想购买烟火和蚊香。请报 CIF仰光到岸价。
-- 请你说明需求数量,以便我们计算出保险费和运费。
-- 我们打算试订一千打烟火和五百箱蚊香。
-- 好吧!这是我们的FOB价目表。所有的价格都以我方最后确认为准。
-- 你方的价格很合理,但我想知道你们能否给一个折扣?像这样的 商品,我们通常从欧洲供货商那里得到百分之二到百分之三的折 扣。
-- 我们通常只报净价。我们的许多客户在这个报价上都做得很好。

A: Discounts will more or less encourage us to make every effort to push sales of your products.
B: The quantity you ordered is much smaller than those of others. If you can manage to boost it a bit, we’ll consider giving you a better discount.
A: As far as a trial order is concerned, the quantity is by no means small. And generally speaking, we like to profit from a trial order. I hope you’ll be able to meet our requirements.
B: Well, as this is the first deal between us, we agree to give you an one-percent discount as a special encouragement.
A: 1%? That’s too low a rate. Could you see your way to increase it to 2%?
B: I’m afraid we have really made a great concession, and could not go any further.
A: It seems this is the only proposal for me to accept. I’ll come again tomorrow to discuss it in detail.
B: All right. See you tomorrow.

-- 折扣或多或少能给我们一些鼓励,能使我们更加努力地推销贵方的 产品。
-- 你们订的数量比其他客户少很多。如果你们能试着增加一点数量, 我们会考虑给予适当折扣。
-- 做为试购,这个数量绝不算少了。一般来说,试购总应得到些利 润,希望你方能满足我们的要求。
-- 由于这是我们的第一次交易,我们同意作为特殊照顾给予你们百分 之一的折扣。
-- 百分之一?那太少了。能不能想办法增加到百分之二?
-- 恐怕不行了,我们确实已做出了很大让步,无法再增加了。
-- 看来,这是我唯一能接受的条件了。明天我再来和你们讨论细节问 题。
-- 好吧!明天见。

Words and Expressions
counter sample 对等样品
sampling [ 5sB:mpliN ] 抽样,实验样品
pattern sample 模型样品
duplicate sample 复样
color sample 色彩样品
subject to the counter sample 以对等样品为准
sample for reference 参考样品
sales by sample 凭样品买卖
Rangoon [ rAN5^u:n ] 仰光(缅甸首都)
premium [ 5primjEm ] 保险费
trial [ 5traiEl ] 尝试性的,实验性的
net price/ net weight/ net profit 实价,净价/净重/净利润
boost [ bu:st ] 提高
lag [ lA^ ] 走得慢,落后
mosquito coil incense 蚊香
concession [ kEn5seFEn ] 让步
trade mark 商标
brand [ brAnd ] 牌子,商标
Sales by Description 凭说明书买卖
Sales by Trade Mark of Brand 凭商标和牌名买卖
quality as per seller’s /buyer’s sample 凭卖方/买方样品质量交货
quality landed /quality shipped 卸岸品质/装船品质
Sales by Specification, Grade, or Standard

Fair Average Quality (F.A.Q.) “良好平均品质“良好平均品质”(国际上买卖农副产品时常用此标准)

1. conf.mp3 确认,证实
We conf.mp3 (receipt of) your letter of the 7th.

2. come to an agreement 达成协议
After a long discussion we’ve come to an agreement on barter trade.

3. because of 由于,因为
Because of heavy bookings, we cannot accept fresh orders at present.

4. appreciate 感谢(后接名词或动名词宾语)
We shall appreciate it if you will make us an offer for 100 dozens.
We appreciate your cooperating with us.

5. lead to
Improper packing led to the breakage of the porcelain wares.

6. to push sales of = to push the sale of 推销

7. quality
If the quality of your initial shipment is found satisfactory, an additional large shipment will follow.

quality有时可用作形容词作“高级的,优质的”解释。 例:These shoes are made of quality leather. 这些鞋是用高级皮革做的。


tip-top quality 第一流质量
inferior quality 次等质量
high quality 高质量
first-class quality 头等质量
choice quality 精选的质量
fair average quality(F.A.Q.) 中等品
bad quality 劣质
A specimen Letter

Dear Sirs:

We conf.mp3 email exchanged between us regarding fireworks and mosquito-repellent incense and are glad that we have come to an agreement on the price. Your last email inf.mp3ed us that you could offer us 500 units of a dozen fireworks and 300 cartons of mosquito-repellent incense, which we think is not enough. More and more clients in our country like to buy Chinese products because of their good quality. If we do not take care of the supply of our market, they will naturally turn somewhere else for their needs. So we do hope you can offer us at least 1,000 units of a dozen fireworks and 500 cartons of mosquito-repellent incense.

We appreciate your efforts and cooperation and believe this order will lead to considerable business in the future.

We look forward to your early reply.

……Import Corp.





Substitution Drills

1 Last year Tide detergent had been awarded tip-top quality certificate many times.
Colgate toothpaste
Ford cars
Nike sportswear

去年 汰渍洗衣粉 被多次授予顶级质量证书。

2 The quality of products of P&G is high.
宝洁公司的产品质量 高。

3 This suit is well - tailored. 这件西装 裁剪 精良。
knitted 编织
selected 选择
designed 设计

4 They’re available in all sizes.
different colors.
various patterns.
各个尺码 的都有。

5 A: They’re good in material, fashionable in design and superb in workmanship.
simple in design, small in size and light in weight.
good to look at, easy to operate and convenient to carry.
B: I see. The quality seems all right, but your prices are too high.





6 A: How does it compare with your old models?
the competing products
Japanese make
B: It’s different in many ways.
It gives longer wear.
It’s lighter and much easier to operate.

7 A: Will you supply spare parts if we want them?
do the repairs if the machine breaks down after the warranty period?
B: Certainly.We always have the interest of the customers at heart.
如果 我们需要零部件配件,你们能提供吗?

8 A: How long is the warranty?
B: We guarantee our product for two years.
It is guaranteed for one year.
It carries a three-year warranty.

9 A: How about repairs after the warranty expires?
B: All repairs are billed at cost.
We’ll only bill you for parts.
The on-site service is $ 500 a year after the warranty.


10 A: What do you think of Model 8? It can serve as a good substitute.
It’s equally good in quality.
It’s very close to the sample.

B: I’m not sure whether the users want exactly the same thing or they may take substitutes.
I’m not sure if we could persuade our users to accept the new specifications.
I have no idea if we could interest our users in your new product.


11 A: I’d like to know if
you accept orders in the buyer’s design and measurement.
the articles could be made especially for our market.
B: Yes, we do. If the order comes to a certain quantity.
That can be done. We can arrange production to meet your requirement.
Certainly. We can make products according to buyer’s samples.
我想知道 你们是否按买方的设计和尺寸接受订单。


12 A: Our users like the
material, but they don’t care for the color and design.
craftsmanship, but they don’t care for the style.
pattern, but they don’t care for the material.
B: What’s their preference?
What do they prefer?

我们的用户喜欢 这材料,但是他们不喜欢颜色和设计。


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