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1. in a word, in words
in a word总之,一句话, in words口头上 In a word, you are right.

2. in place of, in the place of
in place of代替,in the place of在…地方 A new building is built in the place of the old one.

3. in secret, in the secret
in secret秘密地,暗自地,偷偷地,一般用作状语;in the secret知道内情,知道秘密,一般用作表语 My mother was in the secret from the beginning.

4. a girl, one girl
a girl可泛指所有女孩, one girl一个女孩 Can one girl carry such a big box?

5. take a chair, take the chair
take a chair相当于sit down坐下,take the chair开始开会

6. go to sea, by sea, by the sea
go to sea当海员,出航,by sea乘船,由海路, by the sea在海边 go by sea

7. the doctor and teacher, the doctor and the teacher
the doctor and teacher指一个人,既是医生又是老师,the doctor and the teacher两个人,一个医生和一个老师 the doctor and teacher is

8. in office, in the office
in office在职的,in the office在办公室里 He is in office, not out of office.

9. in bed, on the bed
in bed卧在床上,on the bed在床上 The book is on the bed. He is ill in bed.

10. in charge of, in the charge of
in charge of管理,负责照料, in the charge of由……照料 He is in charge of the matter. The matter is in the charge of her.

11. in class, in the class
in class在课上,in the class在班级里 He is the best student in the class.

12. on fire, on the fire
on fire着火,on the fire在火上 Put the food on the fire. The house is on fire.

13. out of question, out of the question
out of question毫无疑问的,out of the question不可能的

14. a second, the second

a second又一,再一,the second第…… He won the second prize.

15. by day, by the day
by day白天,by the day按天计算 The workers are paid by the day.

16. the people, a people
the people指人,a people指民族 The Chinese is a peace-loving people.

17. it, one
it同一物体,one同类不同一 I lost my pen. I have to buy a new one.

18. that, this
that指代上文所提到的,this导出下文所要说的 I was ill. That's why…

19. none, nothing, no one
none强调有多少,nothing, no one强调有没有,nothing指物,no one指人
--- How many…/How much…? --- None.

20. anyone, any one
anyone指人,不能接of,any one指人物均可,可接of any one of you

21. who, what
who指姓名或关系,what指职业或地位 What is your dad? He is a teacher.

22. what, which
what的选择基础是无限制的,which在一定范围内进行选择 Which do you prefer, bananas or apples?

23. other, another
other后接名词复数,another后接名词单数 other students, another student

24. not a little, not a bit
not a little非常,not a bit一点也不 I'm not a bit tired. 我一点儿也不累。

25. many, much, a lot of
many和可数名词连用,much和不可数名词连用,a lot of可数,不可数均可,但不用于否定句 I haven't many books.

26. much more…than, many more…than
much more…than后接形容词或不可数名词,many more…than后接可数名词 many more people, much more water, much more beautiful

27. no, not
no=not a/any no friend=not a/any friend no water=not any water

28. no more than, not more than
no more than相当于only,仅仅,只有,not more than 至多,不超过

29. majority, most
majority只能修饰可数名词,most可数不可数均可 the majority of people

30. by oneself, for oneself, to oneself, of oneself
by oneself单独的,独自的,for oneself为自己,to oneself供自己用的,of oneself 自行的



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