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1.An income tax deduction si allowed for bad debt.坏账在计算所得税时可作为一个抵减项。
  2.Filing a false tax return is under the penalties of perjury to taxing authorities.提交虚假税收申请表将以对税务当局作伪证论处。
  3.He was convicted of tax evasion.他因逃税被定罪。
  4.It is the duty of citizens to pay taxes in accordance with the law.公民有依照法律纳税的义务。
  5.Some state statutes impose special taxes,有些州的法规对股票销售征收特种税,usually in the form of stamp tax,on sales of stock.通常是以印花税的形式征收。
  6.The federal income tax is governed by the Internal Revenue Code.联邦所得税事项由《国内税收法典》调 整。
  7.The tax court has jurisdiction over questions of law and fact arising under the tax laws.税务法院对因税法而产生的法律和事实问题具有管辖权。
  8.The tax is assessed as a percentage of the assigned value of a corporation's capital stock.此税是按公司股份总额的百分比予以征收。
  9.The tax is levied without statutory authority.征收此税缺乏法律依据。
  10.The tax ruling has retrospective effect.该税务裁定具有溯及力。
  Part 37 Death penalty死刑1.A sentencing judge is required to consider any mitigating circumstances befor imposing the death penalty.在处死刑之前,要求量刑法官必须考虑是否有任何减轻罪行之情节。
  2.Capital punishment for murder is based on the idea针对谋杀的死刑判决是基于这样一个理念that if a person kills someone,he must pay with his own life.如果一个杀死了某人,他必须用自已的生命作为补偿。
  3.Death penalty is usually imposed because of some type of gross misconduct.死刑经常只对某类别的严重犯罪惩处。
  4.He was executed by firing squad.他被行刑队处决。
  5.He was guilty of a capital crime.他犯了死刑。
  6.He was sentenced to death but was reprieved by the president.他被判处死刑但被总统下令缓期执行。
  7.The death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment.死刑减成终身监禁。
  8.The prisoners were condemmed to death.囚犯们被判死刑。
  9.The punishment for treason is death.对叛国罪的处罚是处死。
  10.They argued about whether the statute mandating the death penalty is unconstitutional.他们就规定死刑的法规是否违宪进行争论。
  Part 38 Pleading诉辩状1.A lawsuit begins with the filing of a complaint.诉讼从提交诉状开始。
  2.A pleading is a legal document filed with the court that sets forth the position and contentions of a party.诉辩状是向法院提交的,陈述当事人立场和主张的法律文书。
  3.An answer usually sets forth the de***dant's de***ses and counterclaims.辩护状通常写也被告的答辩和反诉。
  4.Certain de***ses may be made by motin rather than included in the answer.某些辩护可以动议提出,而不是包括在答辩状中。
  5.In some circumstances,a party must obtain the court's permission to amend its complaint.在某些情况下,当事人必须经法院许可方能修改其诉讼。
  6.Pleadings must be submitted to the court when the action is set down for trail.当案件确定正式审判后,诉辩状必须呈交法院。
  7.The de***dant was given a copy fo information before he was called upon to plead.被告在被传唤进行辩护之前收到一份警方起诉书副本。
  8.The indictment was incorrectly worded.刑事诉状的措辞不正确。
  9.The statement of claim was stuck out because it disclosed no cause of action.因未说明诉因,该起诉被取消。
  10.This complaint or pleading is a statement of the charge a***nst the de***dant and the remedy sought,typically money damages.诉状是对被告进行指控和寻求救济的陈述,这种救济一般是指金钱赔偿救济。
  Part 39 Litigation诉讼1.A litigant generally must make a motion in writing.诉讼当事人通常必须作出书面申请。
  2.A party must be given fair motie fo the case made a***nst him.当事人应当被合理告知其被指控的理由。
  3.Agree,for the law is costly.私了吧,诉论太费钱。
  4.An action is not given to one who is not injured.非受害者无权进行诉论。
  5.As already suggested,lawsuits do not begin themselves.正如常所说,诉论不会自动开始。
  6.He brought a libel action.他提起诽谤之诉。
  7.He had to resort to threats of court action to get repayment.他不得不用诉讼相威胁以求获得偿还。
  8.I am afraid you will to be charged for damages.恐怕你要受到索赔指控。
  9.I am sorry we have to charge for damages.对不起,我们得提起索赔之诉。
  10.If the law has other provisions concerning limitation of action, those provisions shall apply.法律对诉讼时效另有规定,依照法律规定。
  11.If there is a prosecution the onus will normally be on the prosecutor to prove the case.如果起诉,通常由起诉人负责证明案件成立。
  12.Inspection was ordered to take place seven days after discovery.证据开示程序完成后的第七天法院命令对文件进行检查。
  13.It is a case of accidental death.此是一个意外事故死亡案。
  14.No right of action can have its origin in fraud.欺诈不能产生诉权。
  15.Possession is nine points of the law.有财势者在诉讼中总占上风。
  16.She decided to go to law a***nst her husband to have the dispute settled.她决定去法院起诉丈夫以解决争端。
  17.The case represents a new development in the law of libel.案情代表了反诽谤法的新动向。
  18.The judicial process deals not with abstract questions or司法程序解决的不是抽象问题或假想情形,hypothetical situations but with actual controversies between real parties.而是真实的当事人之间的事实之意间的事实在争端。
  19.The prosecution in a criminal case has to establish beyond reasonable doubt that the accused committed th crime.在刑事案件中,控方必须毫无疑义地确认被告犯了罪。
  20.Win your lawsuit and lose your money.赢了官司输了钱。
  Part 40 Costs诉讼费1.Costs of the case will be borne by the de***dant.讼案费用由被告承担。
  2.Costs will be shared equally between the two paties.诉讼费由双方当事人平均分担。
  3.The amount of costs payable by one party to another may be fixed by rules or determined by way of assessment.一方当事人向另一方事人支付诉讼费数额可按规定或经评估确定。
  4.The cost of litigation will be more affordable and predictable.诉讼费将更注重民众经济能力,更具有可能预见性。
  5.The court ordered the costs to be taxed if not agreed.法院命令如果达不成协议诉讼费用由法院评定。
  6.The de***dants successfully obtained the dismissal of an appeal but were awarded no costs.被告们成功地让法院驳回了上诉,但却没得任何诉讼费。
  7.The judge awarded costs to the de***dant.法官判由原告向被告支付诉讼费。
  8.The party receiving costs may obtain some of those costs at an early stage.应获得诉讼费的一方当事人可预先得到该诉讼费的一部分。
  9.The paying party is often required to pay the receiving party a sum which is less than the sum the winner has to pay his own legal representative.支付方向受付方支付的款额经常要少于胜诉方必须支付的法律代现费数额。
  10.There are two bases upon which the court may assess the amount of costs recoverable.法院可基于两点来评估当事人应获得的诉讼费数额。







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