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本周的话题是Business Socialising。在材料中,大家会学习到和面试相关的单词、短语。请大家按照给出的练习方法进行练习,挑选一段你感兴趣的材料,一段就可以了。用我们提供的在线录音机录音朗读、上传;并且附上你朗读的文档。之后,老师会为你点评发音!

朗读文本:Well I suppose business socialising really means any kind of communication between business people which doesn't relate specifically to the job that they are doing at that time. So it could be some colleagues socialising after work, or it could be people entertaining their customers maybe over a meal or over drinks.
It could be the kind of conversation that happens at a conference or at some kind of party or social event at which business people are meeting one another. In fact socialising is often one of the hardest things for business people to do.In a meeting or in a presentation there is a clear purpose to the business communication but when you are socialising there are just no rules.

朗读文本:Well it was a pleasure to meet you. Your work sounds very interesting.Maybe we could swap some ideas at some point in the future. Can I take your business card?
Yep by all means. There you go.
And are you on email?
Yes,sorry, that's, that's an old one. So the email address is on the back.
Well I must go and say hello to a former colleague of mine. Enjoy the rest of the conference. I'm sure I'll see you around, and I've got your contact details so I'll be in touch.


朗读文本:Lots of giving out of the all-important business card there and David, there were lots of useful expressions too. Can you pick out some for us?
Yes if you want to maintain contact with somebody I suppose the three key phrases you need to remember are Can I take your business card?, Are you on email?, and just to show that you are going to maintain the contact remember the phrase I’ll be in touch.
Plus we heard an extremely useful expression there that’s a great way of ending a conversation, that phrase I must go and….
Yes, that’s a very good way of ending a conversation. You can use all sorts of different reasons for ending it. I must go and talk to my colleagues, i must go and speak to my boss, I must go and introduce myself to a customer. Any phrase like that will do and it’s a good, polite way of showing that the conversation is over.
Many thanks to David Evans for talking us through the expressions used every day in the workplace. I hope Business Language To Go has equipped you with some quick phrases for those different situations that occur during your working day.



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