Prof. Wu’s Treasure and Our Pleasure

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It was an early Sunday morning in the winter season. When most people were still dreaming in their warm bed, some Beijing people had a very quick breakfast, then, left their homes. They had a mutual destination – a classroom in Beijing Foreign Studies University. They were going to have their last lesson of literature this term.


Prof. Wu Ligao was one of them, but the role he played in the classroom was the tutor of the literature course. As usual, he had a very good preparation for the class. But he also took one more thing just for today – his camera.


The class was conducted pretty well by Prof. Wu as he always did. As one of the most difficult courses for most Beiwaionline learners, literature was regarded as a big challenge. In the class, Prof. Wu explained those hard sentences in details and he also added in some background information which might be helpful, otherwise it would be too far for the students to reach.


Times just passed little by little. When it was time for a break, Prof. Wu suggested the class to take some photos together. It was such a pleasure! Everyone came around and said “cheers” in front of the camera. Prof. Wu smiled his big smiles among his students.


When he sent those photos to his students, he was asked why he got the idea to take photos of the class.


“Well, this is my habit. I always do it in the last tutorial of each semester.”


“Really?” His student just replied curiously.


Then Prof. Wu added peacefully “They are my treasures.”


Well, it’s also our pleasure. The photos will keep for ever our smiles and good memory of learning the tough course.



                   A treasure to all of us in memory







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