New Start, New Hope

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How Fortunately I became one of Beiwaionline student! Four months before, an idea came to me, I wanted to study, and I wanted to improve my English, the most important was that I wanted the bachelor degree. I searched online, Beiwaionline grasped my eyes, which met my all needs. After graduated from my university and worked four years later, I realized degree and English’s importance. With a respect of Beijing Foreign Languages University, I enrolled Beiwaionline, where my dream can be true. 


I know it’s a new start. For me, to pick up textbooks to study seems an excitement, however, I found the way of study in Beiwaionline is not as easy as I thought, it’s all a new way of study. Without more face-to-face teaching, learn by myself instead, but I do not feel alone. Back of the internet, I have my teachers and my classmates. We students, no matter how old, no matter what position, and no matter what we want, get together to approach our goals with teachers help, especially in ZJIT center.


Many thanks to the center’s everyone who pay attention on our study time to time. On 25th Nov, I participated Graduation Ceremony and English Speaking Activity, it was the first time I attend such kind of activity in Hangzhou. I see my hope also. After 5 years, can I like Mr. Yang to get the “Green Book”? After 5 years, can I speak so frequently as Mr. Yang? That’s the target.


After this activity, I thought over, I know it is not a long way, I can see the final result. Study never ends. It is a new start in life!







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