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说到万圣节,奇装异服(weird costume)可是必不可少的风俗之一。虽然年年都要扮怪,但扮怪年年不同,一起来看看今年万圣节的最In装扮会是什么呢?

Angry Birds flock to Halloween

In just a few days, millions of Americans will gather to observe a ritual that some have been anticipating all year. They will garb themselves in garments inspired by their favorite characters and go knocking on doors.
We are, of course, talking about Halloween, a holiday that will be celebrated by more than 160 million Americans, according to the US National Retail Federation (NRF). It also predicts that almost $7 billion (around 45 billion yuan) will be spent on merchandise, $1.2 billion of that for costumes.

Usually, costumes reflect pop-culture trends. So, what are this year's trends for Halloween costumes? The following are some of the top-selling looks, according to costume retailers in the US.


Video game-themed costumes

The constant evolution of video game graphics has opened the door to many Halloween costumes. This year, the obsession of the touch-screen game Angry Bird will undoubtedly translate into millions of sightings of the popular round red and black and triangular yellow birds on Halloween. According to Tom Fallenstein, chief executive of Halloweencostumes.com, as of early October, the costume retailer has sold most of its Angry Bird costumes.

Film/TV-inspired costumes

Successful films of 2011 have bought countless iconic costumes that are being replicated for this year's Halloween. For example, as the film adaptation of the Harry Potter series ends, fans are choosing to dress as the main stars, or even as the evil Death Eaters. Other popular movie costumes include Transformers and Captain America.

Consumers continue to be fascinated by the walking dead–and this year it's not about vampires. More than 2.6 million people plan to dress as zombies this year, according to the NRF's 2011 top costumes survey. They're inspired by popular TV series such as The Walking Dead.
Music star costumes

Move over Lady Gaga. There are some new blue-haired songstresses taking over this Halloween. It's hard to resist Katy Perry's catchy California Gurls and Nicki Minaj's slightly deranged rapping in Super Bass, but it's their sexy and chic style that has made them firm favorites for Halloween
Lady Gaga 已经out了。蓝头发的女歌手们正取代她成为这个万圣节的风向标。尽管你很难拒绝凯蒂•佩里美妙动听且朗朗上口的《加州女孩》以及尼基•米纳什在《超低音》中略带疯狂的说唱。但她们的性感而时尚的造型使她们注定成为万圣节的新宠。

Royal wedding and crew costumes

The obsession with all things British that started with the royal wedding earlier this year continues. Retailers such as Headlinecostumes.com are selling the Prince Charming costume, the octopus-like Princess Beatrice hat and the Kate Middleton wig for those who aspire to look like the members of the royal family.



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