The professionalism and the effect on my career

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My major was biology and then I became a bilingual teacher in a school. I teach teenagers biology in English. So sometimes I am a biology teacher and sometimes I am an English teacher. Being a bilingual teacher, the study in BFSU is extremely helpful for me. It helps me know what a professional English teacher is and it gives me many opportunities to improve my English. So these are definitely useful for my career.

In this semester I know much more about what and how to be a professional teacher. The meaning of “professionalism” in Longman Dictionary is the skill and high standards of behavior expected of a professional person. And a meaning of ‘teach’ in Longman is ‘to show someone how to do something’. However, there might be some different opinions or expectations about being a professional English teacher. So I would like to illustrate my ideas from a teacher’s view, a student’s view and a parent’s view respectively.  

Firstly, as being a teacher for a few years I personally believe that there are some common standards to be a professional English teacher such as rich knowledge, enthusiasm and professional attitude. Rich knowledge is a foundation to teach others because it is a necessity to design teaching plans and answer to various questions. Obviously it is far away from being a professional teacher if someone has only knowledge without enthusiasm and professional attitude. I thought these three elements are enough to be an excellent teacher. However, when I started to study the ELT methodology, I found much more details and requirements. It is significant to design a course in a CLT way. The CLT not only emphasizes to input English knowledge but also highlights how to output this global language. For instance, reading skills include skimming, scanning, reading in detail and inference skills etc. When students get all of these skills it will be much easier and useful for them to get all kinds of information by reading different forms of materials in real life. The skills of writing and speaking are very important also because these two subjects focus on output. They have higher requirements of controlling English. So teaching skills in the CLT way is good for students to study English by themselves even when they graduate.
Secondly, being a student, it might be a natural character to be interested in having fun in class. So if teachers could design courses in the CLT way students may have much fun while they are getting knowledge. For example I still remember how I learned English when I was in primary school. Drill was the most high frequency method which was chosen by our English teacher. It is not helpful to learn a language and then use it in real life if drill is the only teaching method. So according to the ELT methodology, many other channels could accomplish teaching purposes in an English class. As we know from the book activities could be divided into different categories. Some are more controlled or guided. On the other hand some activities are more communicated. Controlled and guided activities are focus on accuracy. Communicative activities are more designed to practice fluency. So different kinds of activities are full of English classes and it will be students’ favorite subject. When students are interested in a subject they will definitely study harder.

Lastly, although some parents who have already been influenced by new educational theories which focus on obtaining language skills, some parents still always pay so much attention to scores, especially in China. Some teachers who are extremely restricted may improve students’ score easily. However, teachers cannot be there forever. So it is much more important to help students get skills of learning a language. Just like the pre-listening skills, while-listening skills and post listening skills, all of them are extremely useful in a real life when students deal with English information. They will know how to infer potential information in post listening stage after being trained in the ELT methodology.

Then I design a better course for my students. Because of the improvement of my work performance I got an opportunity to study bilingual teaching in Sydney for one month last year. It is not easy to get this chance. It is necessary to admit that the English knowledge and skills I have learned in Beiwaionline helped me so much to pass all kinds of examinations to acquire that opportunity. When we studied in Sydney my fluency English did help me to complete my work well. With the help of Beiwaionline I have improved my ability and have done a good performance in my area. So it my obligation to introduce Beiwaionline to more people around me and share this perfect experience with them.



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