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Prof. Gu, Yueguo
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M. A. (with Distinction, Lancaster University, UK)
Ph.D. (Lancaster  University, UK)

He is presently a research professor of linguistics, and head of the Contemporary Linguistics Department, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. He is also Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Beijing Foreign Studies University, and Deputy Dean of the Institute of Online Education and Guest Professor of the University of Nottingham.

His research interests include pragmatics, discourse analysis, corpus linguistics, rhetoric, the philosophy of language and online education.

Prof. Jeremy Williams
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Dean, Corporate Programmes
Phone: +65 6410 1324 ;Fax: +65 6410 1358

Jeremy Williams is responsible for the development and oversight of customised programmes for corporate clients. Prior to his appointment at U21Global in 2003, he was Teaching Fellow and Associate Professor in Economics at Brisbane Graduate School of Business, Queensland University of Technology, where he held the position of MBA Director. An award-winning professor with 20 years of experience in the higher education sector, Professor Williams has won the recognition of his peers as a pioneer and specialist in the field of online pedagogy and assessment. He has published widely in this area, and is frequently called upon to speak on the subject at seminars and international conferences. Professor Williams¨ main research focus in the online learning area is the development of authentic assessment and ways in which assessment might be contextualised to promote greater student engagement and deeper learning. This is of particular interest to businesses looking to optimise their expenditure on corporate education and training

Prof. Thomas N. Robb
President of Pacific Association of Computer Assisted Languange Learning (PacCALL)

Thomas N. Robb received his PhD from the Department of Linguistics, University of Hawai'i (Manoa) and is a professor in the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Kyoto Sangyo University where he has taught for over 25 years.? He has used the Internet in his teaching since 1990 and is the webmaster of a number of websites for both language learners and teachers. He is past President of JALT (Japan Association for Language Teaching) and is currently President of PacCALL (Pacific Association for Computer Assisted Language Learning).

Prof. Wu, Yian
Professor of Applied Linguistics at the School of English and International Studies, BFSU
Research Fellow at the China National Research Centre for Foreign Language Education.

Yi¨an Wu received her MA degree in English as a second language from the ESL Department, University of Hawaii, USA. During the 1990s, she further pursued postgraduate studies at the Research Centre for English and Applied Linguistics, Cambridge University, and was awarded her MPhil and PhD degrees in 1993 and 1997 respectively. Yi¨an Wu¨s research interests cover applied linguistics for foreign/second language education and contrastive studies of the English and Chinese languages.

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